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About Habitat Hall

For more than 25 years, Habitat for Humanity of Hall County has partnered with supporters like you, to reshape our community. Through cultivating relationships and partnerships, Habitat is able to be a civic leader and game changer as we map and forge our way to a healthier, stronger community.  Habitat sells affordable homes to families that work for local employers, but who often earn less than is needed to buy a market-priced home.  We build and sell covenant-restricted homes, often in unmarketable or depressed areas of our community. So far, 49 new houses have been constructed.  We have also replaced substandard structures with newer, more valuable homes, often without government subsidies - 9 houses to date.  The Habitat model increases surrounding property values and tax collections while reducing crime through fewer rental units and more resident homeowners.  All of this is done while generating measurable economic impacts for our local economy without taking customers away from local builders and realtors.  In so doing, we offer businesses, organizations and churches unique marketing benefits, employee retention possibilities and volunteer involvement opportunities in a Christian environment.   Habitat Hall County is a non-proselytizing, ecumenical 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered with the Georgia Secretary of State. Habitat Hall provides each Homeowner Partner a permanent path out of poverty through homeownership. We are motivated by the belief that one day all families will own a safe, decent home of their own.


About Copper Glen Subdivision

Located in the southeast portion of Hall County, Georgia, is a small piece of a nature lover’s paradise.  Copper Glen is an unassuming subdivision that was generously donated to Habitat Hall for the development of 21 houses.  This property is stunning…mature hardwoods, rippling creeks, myriad of wildlife, fresh air, fertile soul, generous 1+ acre lots, plentiful green space.  When the subdivision is completed in the next three to four years, it will feature a two mile nature trail and community food gardens.

Houses are designed to accentuate the natural beauty of the landscape.  They will be designed as cottages with modest wood and stone accents on the front.  Each of our houses is built green and is energy efficient.  Appliances are granted to us from Whirlpool and are  energy saving to ensure the lowest possible electric use and environmental footprint.  Families can quite literally, breathe easier knowing their families are safe and healthy living in their new homes.

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